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Production line, consultation
1,000/pc DAT
Універсальні інженерні рішення, LLC, UA +3 ads
An engineering manufacturing company with a skilled staff design and manufacture various manufacturing equipment for small and medium-sized...
Within the radius of 220 km from Faro
Acessórios bebe
Wholesale price
Acessorios bebe, EI, Portimão, 56 km
Acessórios para cabelo, chicletes, grampos de cabelo, .. Eu uso acessórios feitos à mão para você e suas filhas .. Você pode encomendar em outras...
Radial, axial fans, filtering systems, dust collectors
Price on request
Incircioglu, LS, TR, 213 km
Our production program is formed by radial fans with a variable performance in air flow volume from 100 m3/h to 600.000 m3/h in the low, average...
Coca cola soft drink 330 ml / Coca cola 33 cl can
Price on request
Ess-Food, GmbH, DE, 213 km +1 ad
All Products of Coca Cola , 350ml Cans and Bottles PET ,1L ,1.5L ,2L, 355ml We Supply Soft Drinks & Carbonated Drinks available in cans and bottle...
Линия для мороженного на палочке
Феникс, PE, UA, 213 km
Линия для мороженного на палочке
Pine pellets EnPlus A1, 6mm direct from producer.
110/t FCA
Palinchak, SP, UA, 213 km
Pine pellets EnPlus A1, 6mm direct from producer. Quantity 500t. Ash less 0.4%. Price FCA Mena City, Chernigov region: 110€ in big bags; 115€ in...
Запасные части к пельменным аппаратам JGL-120, JGL-135
Price on request
Запад-Восток, LLC, RU, 213 km +6 ads
Предлагаем запасные части, комплектующие и расходные материалы к пельменным аппаратам JGL-120, JGL-135: Формующие блоки Формующий блок...
1,950/t FCA
Агролюкс, LLC, UA, 213 km +1 ad
Продам семена люцерны неомагниченной 22 тонны, всхожесть 99%, влажность 7,3%, чистота 98%. Карантинные сорняки отсутствуют.
528/t FCA
Агролюкс, LLC, UA, 213 km +1 ad
Продам эспарцет посевной. 44 тонны, всхожесть 86%, влажность 10%, чистота 99%.
Corrugated cardboard
Wholesale price
€1/pc EXW
Брендспан, LLC, BY, 219 km +2 ads
Three-layer corrugated cardboard of the T-21 brand is widely used in the field of packaging due to its properties. Cardboard consists of three...
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